I’m sure that you’ll all be aware by now we’ve been forced to close the green prematurely due to the imposition of further restrictions related to the Covid 19 outbreak, this also means that we’ll be unable to hold our AGM as we normally would.
The purpose of this note is to outline our proposals for dealing with the business of the Club in these extra-ordinary times.
Within the next couple of weeks we will produce a report which will both summarise the season together with dealing with some of the important business which we’d normally handle at the AGM, this will include the following:
  • Summary of the season
  • Acknowledgments
  • Financial Report
  • Committee Membership
  • League entries for 2021
  • Membership
  • Any other business raised in advance by Members.
If there’s anything that you feel needs to be discussed/reported please let one of us know and we’ll attempt to resolve the matter at committee level, if this isn’t possible then it will have to be held over until we’re next able to meet as a full body.
This report will also be made available via Facebook and I’ll arrange for a number of printed copies to be left at the club.
John Harrison