On this page you’ll find key dates in the Club’s diary for 2024. We recommend all members make a note of these dates but that they also check the pavilion notice board in case of changes.
DATE mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmEVENTmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmTIME
Parliamentary League Spring meeting

Crawford Smith League Spring Meeting

Cramlington Bowling Club Spring Meeting

25/03/24Blyth Valley Veterans League Spring AGM
This will be held at the Cramlington Bowling Club
/04/24The Green opens today
Club Jumbles will also start today
/04/24The Opening club jumble (Terry McBriarty Trophy)will be played today. The jumble will start at 13:30pm players need to register by 13:10pm13:30pm
16/04/24Knight League Match 1 Home to St.Georges Dragons7:00pm
Nines League Cramlington have withdrawn from the League
17/04/24Clegg League Match 1 Away to N.S.W.E.7:00pm
26/04/24Crawford Smith  League Match 1 Cramlington Home To Seaton Sluice 2:00pm
26/04/24Crawford Smith  League Match 1 Klondyke ByeBye
02/05/24Parliamentary League match 1
Cramlington Away to Gosforth & Coxlodge B
12/05/25Bowls Northumberland Jubilee Cup Stage 1 Section E
Held at Cramlington Bowling Club
Cramlington B
13/05/24Blyth Veterans League Match 1 Cramlington Bye2:00pm
13/05/24Bowls Northumberland 2 Wood Singles Round 2
Tie 29 B.Sultman (FH) v D.Clough
Tie 39 A.Fantozzi (CN) v Winner Tie 2
17/05/24Bowls Northumberland  Triples Round 2
Tie 18 A.Fantozzi (CN) v C.Coan (FH)
19/05/24Bowls Northumberland Jubilee Cup Stage 2 Section I
Held at Cramlington Bowling Club
23/05/24Bowls Northumberland Edwardson Cup Round 2
Tie 10 Cramlington v Gosforth
27/05/24Bowls Northumberland Singles Round 1
Tie 8 L.Adamson (CC) v D.Clough (CN)
29/05/24Bowls Northumberland Champion of Champions Round 2
Note This match is to be Played on or before date shown

Tie 15 V.Carrick (NW) v B.Turner
03/06/24Bowls Northumberland Singles Round 2 Top half
Tie 20 P.Ging (CN) v N.Middleton (NP)
10/06/24Bowls Northumberland Singles Round 2 Bottom half
Tie 75 A.Fantozzi (CN) v R.Goldsmith (G)
13/06/24Bowls Northumberland Doubles Round 1
Tie 37 D.J.Fletcher (LY) v A.Fantozzi (CN)
14/06/24Bowls Northumberland Fours Round 1 
Tie 4 D.Clough (CN) v M.Cooper (G)
20/06/24Bowls Northumberland Doubles Round 2
Tie 73 A.Bojke (HS) v D.Clough (CN)
03/08/24Cramlington Open
10/08/24Bowls Northumberland Challenge Cup Section D
Held at Willington Quay

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