JUMBLES (Members Only)

The format for the members only jumbles is different to that of our open Jumbles sessions in so much as there are only two competitions  played throughout the year one at the beginning of the season ( known as the Terry McBriarty Trophy) and one at the end of the season. There is no entry fee and each competition consists of 5 games of 5 ends (total of 25 ends to be played). At the start of each game of 5 ends each player draws a token from the hat this is to determine the team he will play in (this may be a 2 or 3 man team) the rink he will 
play on and his order of  play in that team. Each player will record his own score. The member with the highest score over 25 ends will be declared the winner. After the first 3 games (15 ends) have been completed there is a short break for tea and refreshments.The game then restarts and the last ten ends are played.

Small cash prizes are awarded to the winner and runner-up

Members wishing to take part in these competitions should add their names to the list displayed on the club Notice Board prior to commencement of each competition.

There is a dress code of white shirts and grey Trousers and of course  flat shoes must be worn.

Congratulations to Mark Topping winner of the 2021 Terry McBriarty Trophy.

 Terry McBriarty Trophy 2021



Mark Topping

David Kirk

Congratulations to Keith Twist and David Melling joint winners 2019 members jumbles.

Jumbles End Of Season 2019



Not Played

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