This is a 4 Wood Handicap K.O.Competition All Games To be 21 Shots

  • The person named on the top of any pair selection is considered the home competitor. They should initiate the contact with their opponent at the earliest opportunity to arrange the game. The home competitor has choice of rink and must complete the rink allocation sheet as appropriate. It is also their responsibility to arrange a marker for their fixture.

  • Due to the high number of entries to all competitions, completion dates should be strictly adhered to whenever possible. Both competitors should give due consideration to their opponent if there is a problem with the fixture e.g. holiday period or any unforeseen circumstances. Please try and stick within the dates given.

  • Unresolved issues affecting the completion of a fixture in any round will be referred to the club secretary for adjudication.

  • Semi-finals and finals – rinks will be selected by the committee.

  • Semi-finals – rinks for these games will be drawn on the day of the match.

  • Dates and rinks for finals will be arranged by the committee.

  • Do not leave arrangements to the last minute. Members can have several games to play by the closing dates.

  • Club Competitions are to be played in league dress i.e. White tops, grey trousers and skirts or shorts approved by Bowls England. Flat soled shoes must be worn

  • A maximum of two free ends can be played before the start of each game. 

  • Players handicaps will be determined by the committee

Congratulations to David Smith Winner  2021 Handicap K.O. Cup Competition.

4 Wood Handicap K.O.Cup Draw 2021

ON OR BEFORE    0-0-0H’CAPON OR BEFORE    11-7-21H’CAPON OR BEFORE    31-7-21ON OR BEFORE    21-8-21ON OR BEFORE    28-8-21WINNER



To view the Men’s Handicap (4 Wood) Honours Board please click here. These are also displayed on the Club’s notice board.

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