Meet Our Committee

John Harrison - Chairman

John Harrison

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I joined Cramlington Bowling Club in 2013 a couple of years after I retired, I was appointed Club Treasurer in 2014 and  from 2019 I have taken on the role of President of the Club. My regret is that I didn’t take up bowls more seriously earlier in life despite a brief flirtation with the game in my twenties.

I enjoy bowling in both local and County Leagues and can thoroughly recommend bowling to everyone both young or old regardless of ability.

To contact John directly please call 01670 733377.

Bob Harrison

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I joined Cramlington Bowling Club in 2012 having learned to play the game at a Concordia indoor beginners class the previous winter. I quickly became a regular in the afternoon league teams and after a year moved into the evening county league teams.
I joined the committee as club champion in 2018 and was invited to stay on afterwards.
I was elected to the position as secretary in 2019 after a year of shadowing the outgoing secretary Bill Gilbert.
I enjoy bowling at all levels and only wish I had taken up the sport many years earlier.

To contact Bob directly please call 01670 736022.

Brian Usher - Treasurer

Brian Usher

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I joined Cramlington Bowls Club after being retired for 4 years and was invited to become a committee member in 2017. I enjoy the competitive side of league bowls but also take great pleasure in playing in the relaxed atmosphere of the Jumbles. Since joining the club, I have made many new friends and enjoy the camaraderie with other members. I wish I had taken up this hobby earlier in life.

To contact Brian direct please call 01670 712574.