The club is to be called CRAMLINGTON BOWLING CLUB and exists to provide and maintain facilities for the playing of flat green bowls by members and friends. 


 The management of the club is invested in a committee comprising the following

  • President

  • Secretary

  • Treasurer

  • Maximum of Six other full club members

  • The Club Champion is an ex-officio member of the committee.

Membership of the committee is an honorary position. A discretionary honorarium may be paid to the President, Secretary and Treasurer as executive officers of the club. The amount of honorarium will be decided at the Annual General Meeting by the full membership in attendance.

The members of the management committee shall be elected at the AGM of the bowling club.

The committee will have the authority to co-opt a member to fill a vacancy which occurs on the management committee. 

For all management meetings, five members of the committee shall form a quorum for the conducting of all business on behalf of the club. For team selections as many as possible should be in attendance (see club bye-laws). However, it is recognised that because of playing or other extenuating circumstances it will not always be possible to achieve a normal quorum. 


 The President shall have charge of the club. The President shall be chairman at all meetings of the committee and the club. Failing this, a chairman shall be elected from the committee. The Chairman has a casting vote.


 The Secretary shall keep records of all relevant club business. He will have custody of the club minutes book. All club property other than financial items will be vested in him. He shall deal with all correspondence addressed to the club. He will issue notice of meetings, record transactions of the of the management in the minutes book, keep a record of all special and general matches and submit reports as appropriate to the Annual General Meeting. He shall ensure that all applications for membership to the club are duly displayed on the clubs notice board and replied to at the appropriate time. He shall maintain in the clubhouse, an alphabetical list of members with their respective telephone numbers. For security reasons a separate list of the members names, addresses and telephone numbers will be kept on file.

A copy of the rules and regulations of the club shall be displayed on the notice board. 


 The Treasurer shall keep records of all receipts and payments and shall present an audited financial statement at the Spring Meeting. The Auditor will have been appointed at the Annual General Meeting. 


The meeting will be held each year in the month of September. Nominations for the executive officers or position on the management committee, with names of proposer and seconder will be prominently displayed at least fourteen days prior to the meeting.

Resolutions for consideration must be made in writing and submitted to the Secretary at least fourteen days before the meeting.

Notice of the AGM will be displayed prominently at least fourteen days before the meeting. 

A Special General Meeting may be called at any time by the Secretary at the request of the management committee or on the request, in writing from the members. Such a request must be signed by Twelve Full Members of at least three years standing. The members will be given at least seven day’s notice of such a meeting and its purpose.

Fifteen members (excluding committee members) shall form a quorum at all general and special meetings. 

If within thirty minutes from the appointed time a quorum of members is not present, the meeting will be adjourned. A new date and time must be set immediately and due notice prominently displayed. Such a date must be not later than four weeks from the adjourned date. If at such an adjourned meeting a quorum is not present it will be adjourned, sine die. Any decisions essential to the club and its members, which cannot be adjourned, will be taken by the management committee. A Special Meeting called by the members, not having a quorum present, shall be dissolved.

All discussions shall be in such a manner as the Chairman shall direct. All motions brought before the meeting for discussion shall be decided on the show of hands. Any member may request a recount of the votes in the case of marginal majorities.


  • An application for membership to the club must be made in writing to the Secretary in addition to the applicant’s signature it must be signed by both a Proposer and Seconder of the nominee. These two must be club members of three years standing. The applications will be displayed prominently for seven days prior to consideration at the management meeting. Election or rejection will be by majority vote. The applicant will be duly notified of the committee decision at the earliest time and in the appropriate manner. This does not apply to members renewing membership at the Spring Meeting.

  • The Management Committee shall have the power to suspend or demand the resignation of any member whose conduct they consider is detrimental to the wellbeing or reputation of the club. Any subscriptions or fees paid need not be reimbursed. All such suspensions shall be for that season. Anyone so suspended can apply for membership in a new season, using the procedure as outlined in (a) above.

  • The Annual Subscription shall be determined by the AGM and shall be payable to the Treasurer by the 31stMay each year. Members representing the club in team matches are expected to pay their subscriptions before the first representative match.

  • Subscriptions for the following age groups shall be recommended by the committee;

Junior member (under Seventeen years on the 31stMay).

Intermediate (under Nineteen years on the 31stMay).

Associate Members.

Associate members are restricted to male members who have attained the age of Eighty years before or during the appropriate bowling season. Also, to any lady members of any age so long as the bowling club has no recognised fully constituted Ladies Section.

Such members have no voting powers and shall be governed by the club rules and bye-laws.


All complaints shall be made in writing to the Secretary of the club in order that they may be submitted to the management committee and shall not otherwise receive attention.  The decision of the committee shall be given to the member in writing.  The member has the right of appeal in the decision. Should this option be taken, the member will be invited to attend a management meeting within two weeks to discuss the appeal.  The member having submitted the appeal will then abide by the management committee’s decision, which will remain final.


 No alteration may be made to this constitution and regulations except at an Annual General Meeting or Special General Meeting.


 The Bye-Laws governing the day to day use of the Bowling Club form an integral part of this constitution and are listed in a separate section.

Acceptance of membership of Cramlington Bowling Club forms an agreement to abide by this constitution and its bye-laws.


 In the event of liquidation of the Cramlington Bowling Club, the funds and assets of the club remaining after all payments and satisfaction of its debts and liabilities and the cost and expenses of such liquidation, shall be distributed by Cramlington Bowling Club, in general meeting, to the Northumberland County Bowling Association Benevolent Fund.  In the event this fund has been dissolved, ceasing to exist, the funds and assets shall be distributed to a sporting body which is established substantially and primarily for the purposes of promoting games or sports conducted for the recreation, benefit and entertainment of the general public in the County of Northumberland and no part of the income or other funds of the body corporate operating such sport, is used or available to be used for the pecuniary profit of the proprietor, member(s) or shareholders(s).



  1. The opening and closing dates of the green will be determined by Northumberland County Council.Members will be notified at the Spring General Meeting.

  2. The green will be open daily for play and members must play in the direction and on the rink colour nominated by the Management Committee. A visual Colour Code will be displayed.

  3. The Management Committee reserve all rights regarding the direction of play and the use of the green.(Normally East/West before 4.00 pm. North/South in the evening).

  4. All games shall be played under the English Bowling Association rules and regulations

  5. Whenever possible, one rink should be kept vacant for casual play.


  1. The management retains all rights to arrange competitions and matches and reserve rinks as appropriate.

  2. All rink reservations must be booked on the appropriate notice in the club house.

  3. The direction of play may be changed with the approval of the Management Committee for National and County competitions drawn at Home. Members must give a minimum of 48 hrs notice for this request.  Agreed changes should be displayed on the notice board immediately.

  4. In the event of two or more members or teams drawn at home, the direction of play and rink reservation will be by mutual consent and notified as in 2c above.

  5. Members must wear correct footwear at all times and when engaged in Competition/match play, wear white above the waist. There are no exemptions to this Bye Law.


  1. The Management Committee elected at the AGM shall appoint five of their number who shall form a sub-committee for the purpose of regulation of all competitions and matches and for the selection of team members in representative games.

  2. The Chairman of the sub-committee shall ensure selected members receive notification as appropriate.

  3. Team and reserve members unable to fulfil their selection must give reasonable notice to a member of the selection committee.

  4. Unless previously instructed otherwise, selected reserve players should present themselves for match play.

  5. In the event of away games, team and reserve members must comply with the transport arrangements notified. Individual arrangements to the contrary must be notified.

  6. The Management Committee reserves all rights to amend the bye-laws. The Secretary will give due and adequate notice to members before any changes are made.