Note:- Due to confusion over the availability List changes have been made to the Team selection List Below

   1:30 pm  Thursday 30th April Away to Forest Hall
Players Should Meet At The Club House No Later Than 12:50 pm
Team  1st Wood 2nd Wood Skip Reserves Transport

Alternatively, please check the noticeboard at the Cramlington Bowling Club pavilion.
Team Captains please note any changes should be advised to the website Administrator using the details on our contact page or by emailing

Team Selection 2019
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Team Selection Criteria

  • It appears that a small number of members are dissatisfied with team selections. As a committee we devote a lot of time to this and anticipate that we work within the parameters set by members at the annual meetings as follows.

  • Afternoon teams are selected in the hope that all members get a fair number of games. Attempt is   made within this to ensure that no team is weakened to an embarrassing degree and we hope that some of our teams might win the leagues in which they play.

Evening teams are selected on a basis of competitive merit 

  • Team selection is an area where there will always be an element of dissatisfaction with some  members believing they could do better. We as a committee would prefer such discontent to be put on paper and presented to us for consideration. This is also stated as part of our Constitution. Please note that this problem is not peculiar to our club.


  • Names shown above may change during the week always check the The Team Sheet above for final selections.

  • If any member picked to play finds for some reason that they can no longer play, they must inform The Team Captain Joe Dixon or the club secretary  Bob Harrison as soon as possible.

  • Members playing for club teams are requested to use club stickers on their bowls. This eases problems of identification on the green. Stickers are available from W.J.Gilbert free of charge.

  • Players selected for teams are expected to be present at least 5 minutes before the starting time for a game.Apart from the concern caused by late arrival it is unfair to the reserves to be informed at the very last minute.

  • Members selected should be in grey trousers and white shirts