2021 JUMBLES (Open)

A great favourite at the club is the twice weekly Jumbles Sessions which are well attended.
These take place on a Tuesday and Wednesday afternoon starting at 1:30 pm
Points are awarded each week and at the end of the season small cash prizes are awarded

The 2021 Season Starts On Tuesday 20th April and Finishes on Wednesday Date Month.

In an effort to actually start the game at the allotted time of 1:30pm no entries will be accepted after 1:20pm, so to avoid 
disappointment, please arrive early.
An entry fee of £0.50 is charged and after a small donation towards club funds is deducted from the entry fee collected  the remainder is payed out on the day to the winners.

Teams of 2 or 3 are drawn for each days play and move to pre-selected rinks 
thoughtout the days play. The game consists of 21 ends split into 3 games of 7 ends each. After the first 2 games (14 ends) have been completed there is a short break for tea and refreshments.The game then restarts and the last seven ends are played.

There is no dress code but flat shoes must be worn.

Direction of Play and Rink Selection

It was agreed at the AGM Jumbles play will alternate E/W and N/S on Tuesdays and Wednesdays
In an effort to protect parts of the green from excessive wear Jumbles and casual play will use Black, White and Red rink centres. The designation of colour will be selected by the committee on a Tuesday morning and will be displayed by the colour of the disc both inside & outside of the pavilion. Rink preference numbers may also be displayed if the committee decide this to be necessary.

If after the penultimate game of the season has been played it is still possible for several players to win the league. Then the draw for the last game will be made in such a way to ensure that these players do not play in the same team, this will allow these players to continue to earn additional points independently of the other contenders

Midweek Jumbles Results 2021

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