It has come to the notice of the Committee and Team Captains that there is some disquiet among Members in relation to team selection. The role of the Committee and Team Captains is not to make decisions for the club but to adhere to the wishes of Members, with this in mind the policy which was passed at the Spring Meeting in relation to squad rotation has been taken into account. The Committee met on Saturday 27th April and have agreed the following in relation to selection.

Team Captains will at all times endeavour to select the strongest possible sides whilst adhering to   the agreed policy in relation to rotation. We will take into account the strength of our opponents and other opportunities for Members to bowl while trying to ensure that every Member has the opportunity to represent the club at least once per week should they have expressed a wish to do so. Now that afternoon fixtures have started this should relieve the need to rotate excessively in evening matches. We appreciate that this may not be to everyone’s liking it is however in line with the wishes expressed at the Spring Meeting of the club.

Team Captains need to retain the support of all Members and welcome this support; the role of Team Captains is a difficult one and we would hope that Club Members respect their role.  Captains are available to speak to Member at all times regarding any concerns that they may have.


J Harrison, N Reeve, K Miles, A Fantozzi.