Meeting held 2:00 PM Wednesday March 10th 2021

Present:- John Harrison Bob Harrison Brian Usher.

In light of the fact that a formal Spring Meeting was not possible due to Covid restrictions, the three officers of the club met to confirm our strategy for the 2021 season.

All matters are open to all members for discussion. If you wish to raise an issue or want further clarification, please contact the secretary.

1) Subs will remain at the current level. £40 per year plus £1 for a locker. Associate members (including Lady members so long as there is no separate Ladies section) £15.

2) Committe members.
Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer as named above.  Additional committee members Joe Dixon, Terry Gardner, Tony F. 

3) Team Captains Cramlington
 Nines: Phil Ging. 
 Clegg: Bob Harrison.   
 Knight: Kevin Miles and David Smith.
 Parliamentary, Crawford Smith and Blyth Valley Joe Dixon

Team Captains Klondyke
 Crawford Smith Brian Usher.
 Blyth Valley Vets League Terry Gardner.

4) Selection Committees.
Team selection meetings will take place on Thursday mornings at 10:00 AM. There will be two selection committees :- For Clegg, Knight and Nines: Chairman Bob Harrison, Members John Harrison, Tony F.

 For Parliamentary. Blyth Valley  and Crawford Smith : Chairman Joe Dixon, Members Brian Usher, Terry Gardner.

5) Transport. Players will make thier own way to all games until we are completely out of lockdown. During this period, no travelling expenses will be paid. We expect that all government guidelines   regarding passengers in cars will be strictly adhered to. Once all restrictions are lifted, we will return to our previous arrangements.

 6) Jumbles will be run by Tony F.  in accordance with lockdown   restrictions.

 7) Target opening date is Monday April 12th. Subject to approval from regulating authorities.

 8) Payment of subs can be made at the clubhouse by enclosing cash or cheque in an envelope clearly marked with your name and deposited the Subs post box locker which will be obvious to you  when you enter the clubhouse. Brian will make other arrangements when the green opens, but the post box is the preferred method, to keep contact to a minimum at present.

 9) Sheets will be up in the clubhouse today to indicate which leagues you wish to play in, please get your names on ASAP. If you would prefer not to visit the clubhouse yet, you can let the secretary know your preference by email or telephone.

 10) Open triples date set for July 31st.

 11) Domino Cards.
A domino card is to be sold at each home match. The team captain will be responsible for ensuring that this happens, and will get the proceeds to the Treasurer.

 12) If possible, an outdoor Spring meeting for all members will be held nearer to the commencement of play.

 We are still waiting for further guidance from Bowls England and Bowls Northumberland on many points which may affect the above. We shall endeavour to keep everyone informed of any future developments.

Bob Harrison