Members please note the annual Spring Meeting to be held at Benedictine Club, Southfield Green on Thursday 19th March at 19:30 Hrs. has been Cancelled.

In light of Government guidelines particularly in relation to the over 70’s and those with underlying medical conditions it has been decided to postpone our Spring Meeting.

The important information which we would have passed on is that we are hoping that we’ll be able to open the green on 4th April, if this isn’t possible then we’ll be looking at the 11th although our Green Keepers are unable to provide us with a date due to the poor weather which we’re experiencing at present.

Subs will be payable to Brian at the Green from the opening of the season and any important and urgent matters will be dealt with by the Committee.

Apologies for the postponement and the short notice but the last thing that we want to do is put the health and welfare of our Members at risk.

Please pass this message on to anyone you see who may not have access to the Website or Facebook.

John Harrison